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Tech Exchange Email List

The pauphelp email list is for PAUP* users with questions and answers about how to use PAUP*. If you are looking for a relatively fast way to get an answer to a PAUP* related question, subscribe to the list and post your question here.


A collection of Frequently Asked Questions submitted to paup-support and the Tech Exchange forum.

System Requirements

Information about the hardware and operating systems requirements of PAUP* 4.0.

Command Reference Document

A preliminary "command reference" document which gives brief explanations of the options available under each command.

Sample NEXUS Files

A collection of sample NEXUS files containing sample data and command blocks.

Helpful Links

A list of programs recommended by PAUP* users.

Known Problems

Problems with the most recent release of PAUP*.

Release Notes

A description of the lastest features and enhancements added to PAUP* 4.0 Beta.

Quick Start Tutorial

A hands-on tutorial briefly demonstrating the basic usage of PAUP* 4.0. Note: This is a draft version. Comments are welcome; send to:

Contacting Us

If you are unable to find the information in the sources given above "Contacting Us" describes how to reach us and what information we will need to help you.


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