Features -- Portable Version

The "Portable Version" of PAUP* 4.0 is written and will be distributed in ANSI C. PAUP* will run on most platforms (architecture/OS) provided the source is compiled using an appropriate C compiler. Note: PAUP* 4.0 Portable Version does not print or save high-resolution trees. To print graphical trees we recommend the program TreeView by Rod Page.

Before the final release of Version 4.0 we are making a set of UNIX/VMS beta executables available for the following platforms:

  • Alpha/Unix (OSF1, Digital UNIX, Tru64 UNIX)
  • Alpha/VMS
  • Alpha/Linux
  • PPC/Linux
  • PPC/Mac OS X (this is not a carbonized application; it is command-line only)
  • RS6000/AIX
  • SGI/Irix (MIPS II and MIPS III)
  • SPARC - UltraSPARC/Solaris
  • x86/Linux
  • Possibly others on request

Once the final version is completed, support for more platforms will be provided. Requests for new orders should contact Sinauer Associates, Inc.

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