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Features -- DOS

The DOS version of PAUP* is entirely command-line drive and may be run either natively under DOS 3.1 or higher, or in a DOS box under Windows 3.1., 95, or NT (and presumably 98, although we have not tested this). If you are using DOS, we strongly recommend using the public domain command-line editor "CED", which provides command-line editing and recall capabilities within PAUP*. You can also use the "SET PAUSE" option to prevent text from scrolling past before you have had a chance to read it. The output will stop after every screenful and wait for you to press the <return> key. Note: PAUP* 4.0 for DOS does not print or save high-resolution trees.

System Requirements -- DOS

  • 386, 486, or Pentium series CPU. Note: PAUP will only run on a machine that has a numeric data processor (NDP) either on the main processor (e.g., 486 or Pentium series) or a coprocessor (e.g., 80387 with 80386 or 80487SX with 80486SX ).
  • DOS 3.1 or higher, Windows 3.x, 95, 98, NT
  • A minimum of 4 MB RAM. Note: More memory may be required for larger data sets.
  • 2 MB of available hard-disk space

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